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If you would like to see how simple it would be to migrate to an easier to use platform, get in touch

If you can’t easily update content in-house and are spending budget on external developers simply to manage small amends, blog uploads and new page additions, then you could benefit from moving your existing site to a new platform.

And it would be highly likely that it would also benefit your customers if you changed – improving page loading speeds, navigation and potential downtime during upgrades – and reduce your risks of security breaches resulting from an outdated CMS.

Ensuring nothing gets broken or lost during migration is very important.  Working with an agency like us, that has knowledge of the different URL structures of a wide variety of platforms, will ensure that there are only positive outcomes from the change.

I would also mentioned security issues which could arise if outdated CMS is not up to date [GU1]

What’s important to consider

Design and UX

The key to a good website is starting with your customer. Whatever the budget, there is a route to gain insights, through internal team insights, web analytics, web tracking, even user testing

Tech choices

You need to select the right tool for the job, and identifying that tool from the many front end and back end development options starts with understanding your brief fully


Once the new site is up and running, making use of an easy to use CMS will keep it in good health. Initial and ongoing training and support prevents mistakes which impact brand reputation

Design and UX

Tech choices


Case Study

Regardless of your existing platform, or its complexity, we can transform your site into an easy to manage, SEO friendly destination, with improved security and user experience.

One approach would be to move to WordPress, the most popular content management system in the world.  It is widely used because it enhances your website visibility to your target audience and it’s easy to maintain, providing a hassle-free way to maintain your site’s content and back-end to ensure optimal experience.

There are occasions when WordPress is not as suitable as other platforms, or that we need to utilise additional skills to get the best result, in which case our developers are comfortable drawing on their skills in other tech such as VUE JS, Laravel, PHP, CSS and HTML.