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Arguably one of the simpler types of web development projects, redeveloping your site is often a reflection of business growth and evolution. This makes it a very exciting time and your new site should reflect that, as should the process of creating it.

Understanding what has taken place and the role that your website is, or should, be playing in this is critical. With a site already in place, we potentially have access to a wealth of information via analytics and metrics which can help to highlight the most valuable pages, dead-ends and un-optimised content.

What’s important to consider

Design and UX

The key to a good website is starting with your customer. Whatever the budget, there is a route to gain insights, through internal team insights, web analytics, web tracking, even user testing

Tech choices

You need to select the right tool for the job, and identifying that tool from the many front end and back end development options starts with understanding your brief fully


Once the new site is up and running, making use of an easy to use CMS will keep it in good health. Initial and ongoing training and support prevents mistakes which impact brand reputation

Design and UX

Tech choices


Case Study

Re-development could also elevate you within your competitive set and a benchmarking audit could be useful.

Utilising existing brand guidelines ensures consistency with other assets but also invites the prospect of interpreting them for the wealth of digital opportunities that have opened up.

SEO and link preservation are also important considerations in a re-development. These are critical in ensuring that prospective customers can still find you, whilst attention to your new site structure will ensure that existing users find the flow intuitive even if it’s new to them.