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WordPress vs Joomla

If you reading this article you are probably considering to develop your new website using one of two most popular CMS systems at the moment, which are WordPress and Joomla. In this article I will try to concentrate on revealing major advantages of WordPress over Joomla.

WordPress was initially created as blogging platform but over years WordPress it’s grown massively and became one of the most powerful open source CMS systems leaving its competitors way behind.

One of the biggest advantages of WordPress over Joomla, from SEO perspective is that WordPress follows web standards and Google loves that. Your site can be listed in Google couple days after it lounge your site. It takes much longer for other CMS systems to get indexed by Google which is huge disadvantage.

Unlike Joomla’s core system WordPress is developed in very efficient way so it doesn’t demand a lot of resources from the server so it can handle many users to your website without any overload.

Interface of the WordPress is extremely easy to use and anybody can learn it and start creating content right away.
Below is great breakdown of the two CMS systems done by Devious Media which will reveal few other advantages of WordPress. For us choice is very simple as we have been designing and developing websites using Joomla and WordPress for long time.