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Projects / Collfryn Farms

Online Booking Website


When Collfryn Farms in Wales decided to convert their working farm to include high-end accommodation, they knew that a website would be the best way to promote their business.
Our team got to work to create a website from scratch, that would bring their product to life in a charming way.

Not only would the website need to showcase their five beautiful traditional Welsh barns, it would also need to include a booking engine for reservations.


Inspired by its premium lodgings and natural beauty of the area, the site was designed to be clean, striking and visually lead. Appealing to a luxury customer base, it uses rustic handwritten fonts with a photo-album style layout. Earthy colours are set against a solid white backdrop, and there’s a dedicated gallery and local information page, to help guests plan their stay.

Mindful of the growing trend for mobile bookings, the website is also optimised for mobile use too.

Completed in three months, the client was delighted with the result and value it has added to their business.