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Is now the right time to migrate your website?

Frustrated by your website? If so, some of these could sound familiar

  • “it costs us a fortune to maintain”
  • “we have to ask external developers make even the smallest change”
  • “customers’ needs are changing but our site can’t cope with video, web chat or reviews”
  • “fonts and styling make our company feel dated, and that’s not the brand we want to present”
  • “it’s too hard to optimise for search engines”

These are just some of the reasons why businesses want to update their website. These frustrations are not so much about the content, but more the platform that the website is built on. Platforms like Joomla or Drupal were market-leading solutions 10 years ago, and indeed are still good solutions in the right hands, but now many businesses want to take greater control of their own site for content amends, blog uploads and new page creation.

Case in point

SCM Direct came to us because they had a Drupal site that they were finding too technical for them to maintain in-house.  Additions and amends had to be handled externally, adding costs to the bottom line as well as not always being able to be immediately actioned. They wanted a website that was better suited to their technical capabilities but also which would function better, resulting in improved UX and search engine optimisation. We were able to duplicate the old site exactly in WordPress, and then give the staff the confidence to administer changes themselves through initial training and ongoing support.

Frustration with an out-dated site is one of the three main reasons that clients come to us. They are happy with the bulk of the content but want to use it in a more modern way, or make it simpler to update and expand than it currently is.  We’re more than happy to help.

The world’s most popular choice

Frequently, WordPress is a great solution in these cases. It offers a very easy to use CMS (content management system) so that in-house staff can take back control of changes. It is possible to look online and find plug-ins which move your site from Drupal or Joomla into WordPress for you, which can be a cost-effective solution for small brochure-type sites. It might be worth making some allowance for some development time to customise some of the default settings and remove promotional text from the finished site.

In our experience these usually don’t work well if your site is larger, with an interlinking architecture, as each development platform has a different URL structure and this can cause problems to arise. You might be surprised to discover that our migration costs are more affordable than you think, and take away the stress of managing this internally.

Built for your needs

There are additional benefits to using our migration skills. When we build in WordPress, we take the best bits that the platform has to offer your business, and create a bespoke site that meets your needs. We use your brand guidelines to ensure styling is correct and, through our briefing process, uncover which of the many available functions might be appropriate for you to facilitate improved seo capability, data capture, feedback or compliance.

Common concerns when migrating

One of the major concerns when migrating is whether there will be downtime during the switch-over. This is easily avoided when working with us by hosting your new site on our development server until everything is approved, ensuring that you retain visibility at all times. The migration itself can be done during a quiet period such as overnight or over the weekend so that we can test and check to ensure everything has gone as smoothly as we expect.

Another concern is link preservation for SEO. Our experience in managing migrations helps to prevent problems arising by undertaking activities such as setting up Webmaster tools, identifying valuable backlinks and implementing effective redirects.

Is now the right time?

If you think your site is holding back your ability to do good business, now is the right time. If it’s frustrating to use and you can’t do all the things you want it to do, now is the right time. If your site is letting you down in your competitive set, now is the right time. Let’s face it, if you’re reading this article, you’re already thinking it’s the right time.

Let us take a look and give you a quote and a timeframe so that you can make your decision.