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How Email Marketing Can Drive Your Business Forward

Email marketing is an extremely effective, and inexpensive, method of promoting a product or service and driving traffic to your website.

How email marketing can work for you

The potential offered by email marketing is vast – it has opened up the world of marketing to businesses that previously wouldn’t have been able to afford anything other than a minimal, localised campaign. Today potential customers anywhere in the world can be contacted at the click of a button and it’s as cheap to send an email to Aldershot as it is to Australia.

Of course there are costs involved – unless you have an in-house design capability then you will need someone to design an enticing HTML email template for you and you will also need a copywriter to put together a well crafted piece of marketing copy. Despite this, it is still a very cost-effective option and other marketing strategies such as TV, radio or direct mail don’t come near to competing in terms of price.

Email marketing campaigns can also be tracked, providing invaluable information on which recipients did or didn’t read the email, any links that they clinked on within the message, and who has unsubscribed from your list. This type of data can be incredibly useful when refining and updating campaigns while they are in progress.

As it’s paper-free, email marketing is also a more environmentally friendly way of getting your message across

The disadvantages of email marketing

Of course email marketing is not without its drawbacks – the biggest problem is that marketing emails often get automatically sent to a spam folder. To avoid this you need to be clever with your subject line – titles that include words and terms such as ‘discount’, ‘free’ and ‘special offer’ are likely to go straight into spam. Try and be descriptive and imaginative in your title and write a subject line that not only bypasses the spam-filter but also engages the recipient.

How to plan your email marketing campaign

The secret to an effective email marketing campaign is planning – you need to make sure that your emails are well written, well designed, are constructive and offer something of clear interest to the recipient.

Each email you send out needs to be both informative and readable – you have literally a few seconds to grab the attention of the recipient and ensure that your message doesn’t end up in the trash folder after a quick glance. It must also look professional and be formatted in a way that makes it easy to read.

Of course all your promotional emails should include a call to action – something that you want the recipient to do. This could be something as straight forward as pointing them to a website or a telephone number, or something more direct such as purchasing a product.

You also need to think ahead in terms of time scale – when is the best time to send your emails out? Think about things like school and public holidays and any seasonal aspect of what you are trying to sell.

Finally, think about the frequency at which you send any emails out. No-one likes to be bombarded with unsolicited email, so work out a sensible time frame. There is no hard and fast rule as to how often you should send emails, but factors to consider include the industry and audience you’re targeting and how much the email is offering your potential customers.

We provide our clients with tracking  reports providing data about who opened your emails, what links were clicked, who unsubscribed from your emails and who forwarded your emails. Knowing all of this can help you make adjustments to improve your marketing strategy .

Email campaigns can also be easily tracked. A large amount of very useful data can be tracked providing data such as open rates, click rates and bounce rates. This information can be used to refine your campaigns. As an example, you can change the subject line of the email and track which version gets the highest open rates.