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Create Interesting Images on Pinterest

Online social networks play an unavoidable role in our daily life. They help us express ourselves and present this to people all around the world, and additionaly they can organise lots of information about us. Major social networking websites such as ‘Facebook’ and ‘Twitter’ are quite well known. However many of us are not familiar with the two year old ‘Pinterest’. Pinterest helps us to create and manage theme-based image categories such as hobbies, events, interests etc. The idea behind this social media platform is to identify and connect with people having similar interests. Pinterest is a newly established social media platform, but marketers have already identified its potential. This article helps you to understand the basics of Pinterest marketing

Labels are important

Systematic Pinterest marketing begins with the images you publish on your websites or blogs. If you do not already have a website/ blog, why don’t you create one? There are many platforms available to develop a website. One of the recommended platforms would be WordPress, which is user-friendly and customisable. You can either learn the basic principles of WordPress web design on your own, or can approach professional WordPress developer. Once you are ready with you website or blog, the next step is to use relevant labels for the pictures you are publishing. It is for the reason that, when someone “pins” pictures from your blog/ website, you label name shows up in the description. If you name your images wisely you will equip yourself with an attractive, search-engine friendly image description when somebody “pins” it.  In a nutshell, instead of naming your images an a manner akin to “image 1” or “untitled 2”, spending a few minutes thinking up suitable names can be very beneficial.

For example, if you are writing an article on WordPress web design for your blog and you have many images to go with the post, you can label the images using your search keywords such as WordPress website design, WordPress web design etc.

Include Text Messages and logos

If you are going to pin images on Pinterest you may want to add an additional description so that other users will be able to understand what the images are depciting. You can add text to the bottom of the pictures you want to publish. For example there is a feature available which automatically adds text to messages on your Pintrest images. If you do this your pictures will always have their descriptions with them. When you log in, you can see a list of popular images on the homepage of Pinterest with suitable descriptions; an untitled image may not always make sense.  So text messages will help others to understand your interests effortlessly. For example, if you write “My first WordPress web design experiment” as your image description, those who see the image will easily understand that you are interested in WordPress development. Likewise, if you are a WordPress web design agency, you can include the logo or other information about your company on the images so that people will recognise its origin. It may even generate some additional traffic to your website.

Make people “pin” you

Pinterest provides an enormous source of images, which attracts individuals looking for access to copyright-free images. Pinterest is therefore popular with bloggers and web developers who are looking for appropriate pictures for their blogs and websites. This situation can be used to your advantage; creating “feel free to pin” images on your pin boards indicated that others may pink your images, which then increased the probability of your images being shared. In turn this will improve the quantity of pins and re-pins you received on Pinterest. You can also ask others to pin your images, which will enable you to develop an improved level of interaction with other users. However, you must ensure you do not annoy users with “pin” requests, just use your common sense.