Website Content

The importance of good website content


Writing good content for your website is important for a number of reasons. You want people
to find your site, stay on it, get in touch or to buy something.

While this can sound easy in reality it is often harder to do. You need to make it engaging,
clear, easy to understand, user friendly and also remember that key words are a very important
element for Search Engine Optimisation (SEO).

What is content?
Content on a website takes all sorts of different forms and functions and can include blogs, e-
books, podcasts and animations. It is important to create appropriate material for each different
format. For example, a blog may be chattier in style to a whitepaper. Visually interesting
elements of your site can also engage a visitor and really demonstrate more than lots of words

All good content can increase the number of visitors to your site. Sharing this content through
social media sites such as Twitter can again raises your profile.

Short and sweet
People read website copy in a different way to other pieces of writing such as a brochure or a
book. Visitors to your site are unlikely to read every word: instead they tend to scan the page
looking out for stand out words and phrases to help them know they have landed on a site that
will help them. This is what “user friendly” means. Make the content easy to scan, keep it short,
use concise sentences, and don’t try to cram lots of ideas into it.

Keywords and SEO
You can read more about SEO, how it works, and why you need it, in our other blogs below.
But it’s worth pointing out again that keywords should stand out. You could make them bold or
include them in titles. However you do it, make sure these are the words that your visitors will
use as search terms to find your site.

What’s in it for me?
Remember that people visiting your site want something from you. So, tell them! How will what
you do make their life easier, provide them with the product or service they’ve been looking for,
or allow them to make a well informed decision. And don’t forget to give a clear call to action.
There’s nothing wrong with a “buy here” or “contact me” button clearly placed on your site.

At 56 Degrees Design we understand how important good copy and content is for your website
and your business. Whether you want people to make a purchase, get in touch, understand
something better, or simply to smile, we will work with you to create clear, simple, and engaging
copy to make them do it.