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Bespoke web development solves e-commerce issues

“If there’s one lesson I’ve learned, it’s that experience counts for a lot” Sean Parle, Director

E-commerce is extremely important in today’s retail climate. Which means competition is fierce. Attracting potential customers and then offering an excellent sales experience and smooth customer journey are all key to maximising sales.

So, you can imagine the frustration that Sean Parle of Digital Converters was experiencing when delays and errors were preventing the launch of their second generation e-commerce site. The agency they had originally contracted to do the work were out of their depth, and the cracks were beginning to show.

Business growth drove need for website review

Digital Converters preserves the memories of its customers by converting old formats to modern ones, taking physical content in the form of VHS, cine film or camcorder footage, and creating digital versions which can be stored in the cloud or on memory sticks, DVDs or MP4. Their first website had been created in Wix, three years ago. As the business grew, this original website became unfit for purpose and the time came for an upgrade. Wix didn’t feel like a professional enough platform for a company of the size it was now and the functionality available to the developers was limited.

“My previous experiences of developers had left with me a negative view, but 56 Degrees changed my view considerably”

The designs for the new site had been created, and a version of the site had been launched but then had to be taken down when problems arose with the calculations necessary to provide the final sale cost. The pricing structure, which varies with the increasing number of copies and formats, was too complex for the off-the-shelf WooCommerce plug-in that the previous developer had used.

Experienced e-commerce developers create bespoke solution

Impressed by our portfolio of previous work, and in need of someone with extensive development experience, they got in touch with us to see if we could help rescue the new site. With in-house development staff on hand, one of our first jobs was to custom-create a plug-in which was able to handle the task of the pricing tool.

Clear user journey increases sales conversion

We also worked with Sean to simplify the path to checkout so that it was as clear as possible, important for the older customers who are less confident in a digital environment. In addition to pop-up explanation boxes, a web chat was integrated, with live responses rather than a chat-bot. This means that any questions can be handled quickly and clearly to ensure that each customer is happy with their purchase.  This has also reduced the need for staff to spend time on the phone with customers, and enables them to handle chat with multiple customers at any one time if necessary rather than having to increase call-handling staff or asking customers to leave messages.

These are some of the factors that have contributed to increased sales volume since the amended new site was relaunched.

E-commerce success factors

We asked Sean about what he appreciated about working with us:

  • Our experience
    • Having launched many new and redeveloped sites over the past 10 years, we know when is a good time to put a site live and when isn’t. Choosing a quieter sales period to relaunch first time round could have meant that the errors had less of an impact
  • Our development capability
    • Knowing when to use an off the shelf plug-in and when a bespoke solution is the best way forward comes from years of experience. Being able to actually successfully code those bespoke elements is also critical!
  • Our honesty
    • We know how long a project will take, and therefore what the cost of that should be. Being clear about what is and isn’t included means that we are able to honestly say when something is beyond scope
  • Our project management
    • Using shared Asana boards with our clients mean that they are able to see exactly what’s happening at any one time, assign tasks to us and communicate directly with the development team

Overall, Sean gave us a 5* rating, which is fantastic and we’re really pleased that he’s happy with his site, and that we’ve changed his perception of developers.